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Astragalus and Asparagus Go Together

Asparagus Root not only directly cleanses methyl wastes from cells of the heart , the body and the brain, but it also inhibits the enzyme that breaks down myelin connective tissue and choline in th ebody and brain which is a primary mechanism of short term and long term memory formation. In this way it is a multifacetted safe Nootropic Tonic.

Astragalus is particularly good for Kidneys Spleen heart and Brain. It helps rise all the Chi/Qi fluids from the kidneys up to the brain and also supports neurotransmitters production and prevention of amyloid plaques.

Both go very well in Soups of any kind but especially with MISO enhanced by polyglalla tenufolia and some kelp chlorella and a 5 TCM Mushrooom Blend for complete brain nutrients and neurogenic enzymes from the TCM Mushrooms.




2 thoughts on “Astragalus and Asparagus Go Together

  1. I can’t order anything off your site.

    1. odd place to leave such a message as it stays with the article.
      please send an email and explain what stoppped your order

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